What documents will I need to provide to apply for a membership

You will need:

  • Photo:
    • Recent colored photo (no more than 6 months old)
    • Allowed formats: jpeg, png, tiff, bmp
    • Photo must be above your shoulder
    • The photos below will be rejected:
      • Full Body photos
      • Photos with medals / trophy
      • Photos on the podium
      • Not wearing clothes
    • Example of allowed photo (left) and not allowed (right)

Driver's License / ID or Passport:

    • Page with your photo, name, birthdate
    • Expiration date of the document
    • Allowed formats: jpeg, png, tiff or bmp
    • You can take a picture of the document with your cellphone
  • *Exception only for Kids: (17 years or younger) who doesn't own the documents required, can upload any oficial document containing the birthdate (must contain the birthdate)

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